Pin Grading System

Every single pin is handmade, there is expected to be minor defects or flaws. So no pin is perfect. There might be some color differences between the display on your phone / computer and actual products. This is how I grade enamel pins for my shop.

Grade A or First Grade

This is the highest quality pins. There will be minor imperfection like:

  • Tiny scratches or scuffs on the metal or enamel
  • Tiny specks or pores on enamel
  • Misalignment or overlap of screen-printed details onto the metal
  • Slight discoloration of the metal

Grade A- (Seconds)

These grade contains more noticeable imperfection like:

  • Small scratches or scuffs on the metal or enamel
  • Small specks or pores on enamel
  • Noticeable discoloration of the metal
  • Small mark on the enamel
  • Noticeable under or overfilled of enamel

Grade B (Seconds)

These grade contains more major flaws than other grade like:

  • Noticeable scratches or scuff
  • Underfilled enamel on large areas
  • Loose posts at the back of the pin
  • Any other traits that is not covered by other grade